Night Skin – How It Helped Me To Remove Dark Spots

I know that there is a lot of skepticism out there when it comes to anti aging products. The fact of the matter is that most of them simply don’t work. Today I’m going to talk about Dr. Perry’s Night Skin, a product that was recommended to me by my friend. But before the actual review, let me tell you something about me first.

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I’m a 45 year old mom, and you know, I do care how I look with my age. I have a confession to make: I’m obsessed with looking at other women outside and comparing my face with theirs. I know, it’s kind of weird, but I don’t even try to run away from it.

After all, there all lots of women and girls out there who do look young because of one simple reason: they use some kind of a cream to remove dark spots and wrinkles, I have no doubt about it. I simply refuse to believe that their face can look so natural without applying anything onto it. That’s what forced me to try the Night Skin, since I’ve heard from my friend that it is great.

What is Night Skin Anyways?

dark spot remover creamWell, it’s basically a skin cream which you apply over the night. It works (so they say) by injecting the small molecules which the skin can easily absorb, especially the problematic areas of the skin.

In turn, the wrinkles, age spots and dark circles can be eliminated without ever visiting a surgeon.

Does It Work?

This is probably the most interesting and most anticipated part of this review. I’ll tell you right away: yes, it does work. In fact, for me at least, it works so good that you’ll start seeing some small improvements 10 days after the first use.

I’m not exaggerating, because after the time period of 9 days, my kids told me that they don’t even notice some of the dark spots under my eyes anymore. I couldn’t believe it myself, since I don’t even believe in these products at all.

Also, after the second week, my blackheads around my nose started to disappear as well.

dark spots removal cream

My actual results of applying Night Skin cream (made after 8 weeks of daily applying).

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The good thing about this cream is that it comes from a reputable surgeon who wouldn’t want to ruin his reputation by launching a trash product out there. Also, the majority of the internet community seems to agree with me. I’m telling you this because you can’t base your purchase decision just on one person’s opinion. I’m trying to be as honest as I can here.

The other good thing is that this serum doesn’t solve only one type of aging issue on your skin. Although my face was full of dark spots, my friend has gotten rid of wrinkles and age spots as well. This means that you get a really versatile formula for the money (we’ll talk about the price later).

In case you don’t have any problems with aging spots or wrinkles, don’t just throw Night Skin away. Why? because not only does it help you remove aging spots and other imperfections from your face, but it also helps you exfoliate your skin and open the skin pores.

I’m telling you this because I feel that a lot of women out there don’t value prevention enough. They’re looking for the magic solution after their face skin has been ruined over the years.

Are There Any Bad Things About Night Skin?

Actually, I have to be completely honest, there are some things that bother me about it.

First of all, this skin cream is quite expensive. You’ll have to pay around $50 for 1 FL oz, which can be a heavy hitter for many people. (Luckily! – I found an exclusive online offer, where you can order it for $19.95 only (FREE) and get a free Green Tea Cream as bonus – check it out now)

The other thing that bothers me is that there are only 4 ingredients listed. This leads me to believe that no full list is given whatsoever.

The final thing that annoys me the most is that I get stains on my pillow when using this cream. That’s why you should use some cover if you want to keep your pillows clean.

Only after 1 month I started to follow the instructions more carefully, and instead of applying too much of it on my face, just rubbed it into the skin so it’s fully soak in and didn’t leave any stains on the pillows.

Final Thoughts

I think that Night Skin is very good. No, I won’t tell you that it does wonders over night, because it simply isn’t realistic. However, if you want a solid solution which you apply over night, if you don’t mind the stains on your pillow (just don’t overdoze it like me, massage it into your skin), I can recommend Night Skin wholeheartedly.

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nightskin website

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yieng cubillas May 17, 2013 at 11:04 am

where i can buy this cream?


Elizabeth Sanders May 17, 2013 at 5:57 pm

Hi Yieng!

This cream is available on the official website only – please click any link on my blog and you’ll be redirected to the product website.


MOSUNMOLA July 31, 2013 at 1:41 pm



Elizabeth Sanders July 31, 2013 at 3:30 pm

Hello Mosunmola!

Yes it should work if you have these dark spots. Please be patient a bit though, as first results are not like in the same day 😉 It takes a bit of time to notice the improvement.




katina August 25, 2013 at 9:02 am

the link keep takeing me to a survey site. need you help to try this product.can you email me the official link please.

thank you,


aisha jones November 21, 2013 at 11:45 pm

what store can i get it from


Elizabeth Sanders January 8, 2014 at 12:05 pm

Hi Aisha!

Currently it’s not avaliable in stores, here’s the great cream I found to be very effective for lightening of sking – Illuminatural6i – check it out here: I ordered from this website (it’s official online store) and they delivered it straight to my door.



snique akisam January 8, 2014 at 8:37 am

hi i want to get these products but am in bloemfontein free state south africa, how can u help me to get them


Elizabeth Sanders January 8, 2014 at 12:03 pm

Hello Snique!

Currently this product seems to be out of stock, however there’a a great apternative that you can order directly from official website and it is delivered in Southern Africa, check this:


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